James Murray-Coleman

Director of Sustainability

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300 Conshohocken State Road
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James Murray-Coleman serves as the Sustainability Director for High Street Residential. In this role, James is focused on developing and implementing an effective sustainability strategy for the firm globally. With his experience in developing sustainable projects, and in response to a clear demand by HSR’s investors and tenants, James is focused on leading HSR through the energy transition and providing strategic direction to our development teams and our investors.

James’ current responsibilities include chairing HSR’s Global Sustainability Counsel, managing the integration of HSR’s partnership with solar developer Altus Power, and working internally to strengthen baseline sustainability standards across the entire development platform. James is also responsible for investigating and incorporating new technologies that will play a key role in making the built environment more sustainable on our pathway to decarbonization.

James’ mission of instilling sustainability deeply into HSR’s process is consistent with the firm’s long-standing tradition of developing best-in-class projects that create value for our investors, occupiers, and the communities that TCC serves. By focusing on carbon reduction in all its forms, and reporting those efforts transparently, HSR’s projects will be more modern, healthier and continue our legacy of making a positive impact on the built environment.

While previously serving as a Senior Vice President for the firms Northeast Metro Development team, James was responsible for managing development and construction activities in Central and Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western New York and Ohio.