District NoHo

A master-planned, mixed-use development comprised of multifamily, retail and office.

Exterior rendering of District NoHo complex.


Los Angeles, California

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Project Start: Q3 2022
Project Completion: Q3 2032


District NoHo is a two-million-square foot master-planned, mixed-use development comprised of market-rate multifamily units, developed by TCC's residential subsidiary, High Street Residential; Class-A creative office space; place-making retail; and affordable multifamily units. The project will be developed in up to nine phases on individual, 99-year ground leases with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (“Metro”).

District NoHo is located in the North Hollywood (“NoHo”) Arts District of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, a region with over 1.8M residents. The 15.87-acre site is uniquely situated directly atop the Metro NoHo Station, the major junction of the Red Line subway, Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit, and over 15 municipal bus lines, serving 28,000 daily transit riders and providing over 1,100 parking stalls. Given the prominence of the site in Los Angeles’ transit network, District NoHo is an irreplaceable, multi-modal TOD hub and Metro’s trophy development opportunity. TCC, in partnership with MetLife Investment Management, is currently operating under an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Metro to master plan the development, obtain the entitlements, and execute the vertical development.

TCC’s master planning effort centered first on how to orient and design eight individual buildings and a new integrated transit center such that the project could be phased without disrupting transit service. TCC worked closely with Metro to accommodate stringent operational standards and public safety requirements, but also delivered a master plan with functional buildings and infrastructure that can be delivered in phases. TCC’s second key focus was collaborating with Metro on the public realm and the interface between the buildings and streetscape to ensure that the project seamlessly integrate with the surrounding neighborhood and achieves organic activation around the transit station.


Exterior rendering of District NoHo complex.
Exterior rendering of District NoHo complex.
Exterior rendering of District NoHo complex.
Photograph of downtown Los Angeles skyline.

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