Knox Heights

A six-story, Class A, 182-unit development including 13,527 square feet of ground-floor retail.

Exterior photograph of the Knox Heights building with pool and seating area.


Dallas, Texas

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Project Start: Q2 2015
Project Completion: Q1 2017


High Street Residential (“HSR”) partnered with Northwestern Mutual to develop Knox Heights, a six-story, Class A mixed-use development. The project includes approximately 188,094 rentable square feet of commercial and residential space, consisting of approximately 13,527 square feet of ground-floor retail and 182 residences. The development also features a 2,378-square-foot fitness facility and lounge, as well as a 4,500-square-foot amenity deck and pool.

Located in one of the most walkable Dallas neighborhoods where the fast-growing Uptown and prestigious Highland Park neighborhoods meet, Knox Heights is ideally situated to pull a wide demographic of renters. The site has phenomenal access, visibility, amenities, and adjacency to the popular Knox District. Additionally, Knox Heights itself serves as a retail destination for Knox District shoppers.

Opportunity, Solutions & Outcomes

Knox Heights’ location was previously comprised of 1960s vintage apartment buildings, a six-unit condominium building, a 1941 rental house, and a car wash. HSR purchased the four parcels of land which was owned by seven different interests. Through much coordination with the City of Dallas, plans for the project developed and the vision of what the prime location could be came into fruition. After 18 months of hard work by HSR and its team of consultants, HSR was able to turn a complicated land assemblage and re-zoning case into a great new development for the Knox District.

The development of Knox Heights boosts an under-utilized part of what has become a thriving neighborhood. In a district that is defined by its abundance of retail amenities, the development is adding to the retail base, resulting in increasing the desirability of the district and the property in particular. By taking this 1.3 acres that has been overlooked for decades and having the vision to turn it into a thriving development, HSR is a leader in helping the Knox District expand and become even more successful.
Exterior photograph of the Knox Heights pool.
Interior photograph of the Knox Heights living room.
Interior photograph of the Knox Heights common seating area.
Interior photograph of an office/conference room.
Interior photograph of the Knox Heights common seating area.
Photograph of Dallas, Texas skyline.

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